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    I think I might have found some info. It appears that of the 9 pins on the Atari db9 controller port 3 are not used. These three pins ARE used for the paddle. Here is what I found.

    1 WHT <-- Up
    2 BLU <-- Down
    3 GRN <-- Left
    4 BRN <-- Right
    5 n/c – Not connected for Joystick (B Potentiometer Input for Paddle)
    6 ORG <-- Button
    7 n/c – Not connected for Joystick (+5V for Paddle)
    8 BLK — Ground(-)
    9 n/c – Not connected for Joystick (A Potentiometer Input for Paddle)

    UPDATE: I realized that the Atari 2600 paddles had 2 per db9 cable thus the A and B Potentiometer Input for Paddle. If I’m correct then each port only needs 2 of the three paddle wires connected. Ex: 5 and 7 on port A would go to paddle A on the board, and pins 5 & 7 on port B would go to paddle B on the board.

    UPDATE 2: The more I look it over, the more I seem to be figuring out. Pin 6 is for the button of the joystick and paddles. I’m not sure if you can split a wire and connect it to the fire button for the joystick and paddle or that might cause problems, but since I don’t believe the paddles need all three pins for a single paddle on each port that would leave pin 5 empty. I could always wire pin 5 to the button contact on the Hackvision board and then when I build my own paddles I’ll wire it so that the button wire from the server button links to pin 5, which would connect to the paddle A or B button contact on the Hackvision board. This would work right?

    NOTE: I have two paddle kits that I purchased from the Hackvision store. I won’t be using the Atari 2600 paddles. I have a nice casing for them as well.

    So, I’m assuming I can just run those two or three lines to the paddle contacts on the Hackvision board. One paddle per db9 port should work right?

    Thanks for any assistance


    PS: As you can probably tell I’m new to this stuff. I’ve been a computer hobbyist for 30 years almost. I’m just now getting into the building and soldering aspect of electronics. So far its been fun and I have been reading books on electronics and even soldered a Radio Shack LED Christmas tree kit that I got for $12. I wanted to get some practice before soldering my Hackvision. The tree came out pretty well. Only a LED or two would not light and I realized I may have gotten to close to the LED and the heat of the soldering iron burned out the LED. Oh well… I’ll desolder them and replace them soon. 🙂 Sorry for rambling.

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    If you load up a different game, does the high score saves get wiped too?


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