Custom Programming for Game Timer Pro or Defusable Clock


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If you require custom behavior for your Defusable Clock (for example, in Airsoft games, escape rooms, etc.), then we can make code changes and program your chip before shipment. (We can no longer make extensive code changes for free.)

We can also provide custom programming for the new Game Timer Pro, but it is MUCH more capable and will not require custom code in most cases. If you are not sure, just ask!

If you want to make changes yourself, you do not have to buy this item. The standard code for the Defusable Clock is available for free to anyone here. The Game Timer Pro code is available here.

Example customizations we can provide:

  • disable clock function, so that it only functions as a countdown timer
  • make the detonation and defuse wires non-random
  • allow you to specify which wire defuses the device and change it whenever you want
  • make the countdown speed up if a particular wire is cut
  • make the countdown pause for a few seconds when a wire is cut…then countdown resumes!
  • change light sequence
  • disable countdown ticking, or change sounds some other way
  • enable remote control of the device over a serial connection. There is a 6-pin serial header.
  • etc.

When you order this Custom Programming option, please contact us right away to tell us what changes you want.

If you are unsure of the feasibility of your changes, please contact us first to ask and discuss options with us.