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The most flexible game timer available! Perfect for Airsoft and escape rooms. full product details

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The Game Timer Pro lets you build a scary looking clock or timer that you can actually “defuse”. We redesigned our classic Defusable Clock product to meet the needs of our customers — the Game Timer Pro is perfect for Airsoft competition and escape rooms! Only the electronics are included — phony explosives parts not included. You use your imagination to build the device you want! The Game Timer Pro is completely assembled and tested.

The Game Timer Pro is also a fully-functional alarm clock just like you’d expect (a normal beeping alarm, snooze alarm, etc.). But at any time you can press the big red button to start a scary countdown sequence exactly like bombs in Hollywood movies.

There are 4 wires across the top of the clock. You have to choose the correct wire to cut before the countdown reaches 00:00. You can change the countdown duration to anything you’d like, and you can assign the wires however you want. See our instruction manual and videos for all the details and our full product page for a list of all the product features.

The wires are attached with screw terminals, so you can replace them easily. If you don’t want to actually cut the wires, you can just pull them out of the screw terminals if you keep the screws a little loose. Extra wires are available in our store.

Requires 9V power source with 2.1mm center-positive plug (not included):
9V DC wall adapter (recommended for long term operation)
AA battery holder with plug (short term, portable operation)

For much more information including how to set the countdown duration, see full product details.
If you have questions about this product, see the FAQ.

POWER ADAPTER NOT INCLUDED — Requires 9V DC power source with 2.1mm center-positive plug (not included): 9V DC wall adapter or AA battery holder

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Weight 3 oz
Add-on packages

none, keypad +$10, remote control +$10, keypad and remote control +$20