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The tiny, hackable, Arduino-based video game system

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Hackvision is the tiny, hackable, Arduino-based video game system. Fully assembled/tested.

  • NO Arduino is required. Based on Arduino technology so you can write your own games and upload them using the Arduino IDE. All you need is a USB to TTL serial cable or adapter.
  • Connects directly to your TV with standard RCA connections. One for audio, one for video. Works with NTSC or PAL (Europe, Africa, Asia, South America) TVs.
  • Integrated button controller right on the PCB.
  • Preloaded with awesome Space Invaders and Pong games. More games coming. You can write them, too.
  • Other controllers supported: Wii nunchuk, SuperNES, or paddle controllers you can make from a potentiometer and button.
  • Software libraries for game development and controller support.
  • High score files stored in EEPROM so they are retained even with power off.
  • All unused pins broken out to pads for your hacking pleasure!
  • Non-conductive adhesive foam pad protects the bottom of the board from your fingers.
  • All through-hole components. Kit can be assembled in 30-60 min. Fully assembled and tested units will also be available.
  • Additional accessories available for purchase including 9V adapters, RCA cables, Wii nunchuk breakout boards, paddle controller kits, USB-Serial adapters, etc.

See full product details for lots more information about loading games and making your own!

Available pre-loaded with Space Invaders+Pong or with Asteroids:

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Weight 2 oz
Preloaded game

Space Invaders+Pong, Asteroids