The tiny, hackable, Arduino-based video game system

Hackvision is a simple, retro gaming platform based on Arduino technology that you can assemble and connect to your TV. You can write your own games and make your own controllers!


  • NO Arduino is required. Based on Arduino technology so you can write your own games and upload them using the Arduino IDE. All you need is a USB to TTL serial cable or adapter.
  • Connects directly to your TV with standard RCA connections. One for audio, one for composite video. Works with NTSC or PAL (Europe, Africa, Asia, South America) TVs.
  • Pre-loaded with either Space Invaders+Pong or Asteroids. (Pong requires paddle controllers)
  • Other controllers supported: Wii nunchuk, SuperNES, or paddle controllers you can make from a potentiometer and button. Or invent your own!
  • High score files stored in EEPROM so they are retained even with power off.
  • All unused pins broken out to pads for your hacking pleasure.
  • Non-conductive adhesive foam pad protects the bottom of the board from your fingers.
  • All through-hole components. Kit can be assembled in 30-45 min. Fully assembled and tested units also available.
  • Additional accessories available in the nootropic design store including 9V adapters, RCA cables, Wii nunchuk breakout boards, paddle controller kits, USB-serial adapters, etc.

Technical Specs

  • ATmega328 microcontroller with Arduino bootloader
  • Monochrome composite video
  • Resolution is 136×96 pixels (You can control this in your own games)
  • Requires 9V power supply with center-positive 2.1mm barrel plug

Demo Videos

Hackvision is available pre-loaded with Space Invaders+Pong or Asteroids. See the Games page for more info on games and downloading/installing on your Hackvision.

Board Features

Add connectors for a Wii nunchuk and paddle controllers. Nunchuk and paddle mini-kits are available in the nootropic design store. Hackvision automatically detects whether a nunchuk is connected and you can use a nunchuk with the preloaded Space Invaders game.

More about adding a nunchuk
More about adding paddles

Other unused Arduino pins are broken out on the PCB for you to use. For example, you could use 3 digital pins to connect a SuperNES controller which is directly supported by the controllers library. These pins are purposefully arranged to accomodate Pololu breakout boards for Freescale 3-axis accelerometers!

The pins used by the onboard button controller are broken out so you can use them for some other type of controller that you invent!

Program and upload your own games onto your Hackvision using the Arduino IDE. The connector at the top of the board allows you to connect a USB to TTL serial cable or adapter like this or this or this.

Configure your Hackvision for the PAL TV standard used in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America. By soldering a wire jumper across the PAL contacts, Hackvision knows to use the video timings for the PAL standard.