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Difficulty Level = 3 [What’s this?]

The Video Experimenter shield gives you new ways to interact with your TV. How many times did you wish you could blast someone or something on your TV screen? Now you can! This project lets you control a laser sight using a Wii nunchuk controller and fire an imaginary laser at the screen by pulling the trigger. Have fun.

A Wii nunchuk can be connected to your Arduino using the I2C pins (analog pins 4 and 5). I use a little Wiichuck PCB to make it easy (these are available in the nootropic design store because we sell them for use with Hackvision). Don’t connect the Wiichuck PCB directly on the Arduino analog pins 2-5 because analog pin 2 is used by the Video Experimenter.

Connect a nunchuk to your Arduino on analog pins 4 and 5

Data from the nunchuk is read using the Hackvision Controllers library.

The code is in the example “TVBlaster” in the TVout library for Video Experimenter.