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    What a great upgrade of the defusable clock.
    Only got one question, will there be a kit to build it your selfservice. Because for me building is half the fun.
    Best regards


    Sander, I’m glad you like to build things — me too. However, this product will only be available fully assembled. Nearly all the electronics are surface mount, and I solder on just a couple parts by hand. Nearly all customers for the Defusable Clock were ordering them assembled. Most people don’t want to solder. And I certainly don’t want to solder for everyone, so I’ve minimized what needed hand soldering.

    I’ll tell you what, though, if you order one and want to solder on the display, terminals, power connector and speaker, just say the word and I’ll let you do it. That’s just fine by me!

    Cheers, and thanks for asking this question.


    My only thought, whilst waiting for this highly anticipated upgrade to arrive, is that it would be great to have a modular design, where the main board is pre built but instead of the four/five buttons (Red, Left, Right, Select & Contact) there were two pin sockets. The display to have a multi pin socket. The IR detector to have a socket. My reasoning behind this is that as the prebuild comes at the moment it is perfect for a standalone unit, but for anyone who needs to bury the board and just have access to the display, buttons & Receiver it requires a fair bit of desoldering and resoldering.

    Don’t get me wrong, this unit is fantastic as is, I’m just spitballing for the more intricate prop builders. Thank you Michael for bringing this to the masses.


    Thanks for the option.
    I understand your decision for the pre build.
    I would love to solder the other pieces myself.
    I will make an order soon.


    I made an order and put in the description that im the guy who would want to build as much possible him self.
    Best regards,

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