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    I bought my nootropic board from adafruit so I take it that I have a version 1 board, is that correct? If so will is work with the adafruit 32×32 RGB Matrix at all? It has the HUB 75 connector. Also will adafruit start to carry your v2 board? Thank you.


    Yes, Adafruit only orders the board for the 16×32 matrix (and that’s how they market it). It does not work with the 32×32 matrix and they do not make that claim.

    Adafruit had the v2 board a while back but only has v1 now. They will order v2 in the future.


    Hello Michael,
    I talked to Adafruit and they are now going to stock both. So that is why the new order with v2 in it. You are correct in that they never claim it would work with the 32×32, but there technical link led you here and that was how I came to know about the v2 board. They even were so kind as to hook me up with a discount on the new board. So all is good. Thanks for the reply and your time. If I might add could you give some more code examples as I am trying so hard to learn the arduino code,but as of right now I suck. Getting better as I go, but still for some reason programming is the one thing that seems to give me a tough time. I have been working with computers since about 1984 and I can do a lot with them,but programming made me pull my hair out and seeing how I am not getting any younger thought I would put a back seat to programming while a head. Some good code examples and things I would love to do with my 32×32 board is put up some cool gif’s or icons, scroll some text and the best thing I think would rule is like having some stick figures running and jumping like they were in a moving background or something. Not sure how hard that stuff would be to code, but sure would show off what that awesome version 2 nootropic board could do. ;D Thanks.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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