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    Hi, just purchased the arduino tvout overlay shielf from you guys, and everything was good until i tried to display an overlay!

    i tried to run the demoNTSC and demoPAL, and the NTSC is all over the place (because my camera is NTSC) but the NTSC shows perfectly, but slides to the right, and down the screen, repeatedly. if anybody can help troubleshoot, that would be great.

    (oh and perhaps its the code, because i couldnt get the demo to upload without a bit of work, could someone perhaps suggest a direct link to download the most up to date library? thanks)

    thanks so much!!


    The library is here: TVout-VE library

    The demos that come with TVout will not work with the Video Experimenter overlay feature without changes. To try out overlay features, use the Overlay Demo and other projects from the
    Video Experimenter project page

    Sorry about the confusion — in hindsight I should have packaged the demos with the library and I will refactor this soon.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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