Experiment with video on your Arduino!

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Text and Graphics Overlay

Demonstrates how to overlay text and graphics onto a television signal.

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Video Frame Capture

Give your Arduino the gift of sight by capturing low-res images from a video camera. Experiment by adjusting the brightness threshold, and even overlay the captured pixels onto the original image signal.

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Computer Vision

Detect bright or dark objects within a video signal and compute the bounding box for the object. Perform an edge detection algorithm on an image to find the outline of a complex shape.

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TV Blaster

Uses the overlay capability of the Video Experimenter to allow you to shoot at a TV broadcast. Use a Wii nunchuk controller to blast your TV!

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Decode Closed Captioning

Decode the closed captioning data embedded in an NTSC (North American) television broadcast and write it to the serial output for display on your computer. You can even modify the closed captioning text and overlay it on the TV screen.

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Visualize TV Dialog Using Closed Caption Data

Decode closed caption words in the Arduino and visualize the spoken dialog in a "word cloud" in a Processing program running on your connected computer.

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