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    John Doyle

    I have been running your DigitShield with the Reaction Timer code you provided using an Arduino Uno. The display was working great. The display was showing only milliseconds and using all 4 digits. Today the display seems to be split in half with the 2 low order digits showing ms and the upper two digits doing a slow count with single integers. I have checked and rechecked all solder connections, and have reloaded the code — same results. Do I need to totally clear the Uno and nit so how?


    Hmm. To be honest, there’s essentially nothing on the Digit Shield that can fail. It’s so simple. If the two right digits are working then that means both chips are working. The only distinction between left and right displays is the transistors. The two left-most transistors on the board are associated with the left display. Maybe double check the connections there.

    Or load a different program on the Arduino that just displays numbers on the left and see if it works?


    John Doyle

    Thanks Michael,sure enough it was a bad solder joint. Everything is working great. The kids who play a lot of video games have the fastest score.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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