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    Haha I’m just experimenting… More of a hobbyist..

    Yes that commercial is very funny
    Airsoft is becoming very big here now in the netherlands so i would like to gett more experienced in the prop building its lots of fun!
    I already downloaded your program and studied it.. And trying to learn the basics for arduino programming becouse i would like to integrate the domination part in the controller also.. Would it be possible to upload your program to a arduino mega 2560 you think? So i have more pins to program and control?

    I’m waiting for a few parts to finish the project i’m working on.
    When this build is finished i will send some pictures and upload a clip on youtube..

    Thanks again for the help .. If I can’t work it out with the programming I will buy programming time from you…

    Greet michel

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    Ah great!! thanks.!

    I wired the det button to another button which has no / nc connections and i connected the wires to the nc connection instead of no….

    Works fine now.!

    I’m a starting prop builder from the Netherlands and i may have some more questions later if you don’t mind.?

    First one i made for myself and the airsoft team I play with it also has a domination part in the case.. Someone from another team liked it so much he asked me to do a build for him,so I’m making a custom build for him..
    It has usb stick activation , button press dismantling , all control buttons on a panel instead of the pcb and amped sound.. This build also gets the domination part with blue and red counter where a button needs to be pressed to start de counting… This all build in to a nice hardcase.

    If you like i can send short clip off the progress so far…

    Also I’m looking to disable the clock function so when it switches on it displays countdown time, maybe you could give me a push in the right direction?

    I would really appreciate it and i will be using your products in future builds where i would like to add more options..

    Thanks again for the help end my best regards.!

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    Could the problem be anywhere else on the board?

    If i connect wire directly to the pin on the microcontroller and one on ground i still get same problem..

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