The most flexible, advanced game timer available. Perfect for Airsoft and Escape Rooms! Also makes a perfect alarm clock that you can defuse!


The Game Timer Pro lets you build a scary looking timer or clock that you can actually “defuse”. We completely redesigned our famous Defusable Clock product to be perfect for airsoft competion, escape rooms, games, film props, or other professional activities. Only the electronics are included — you use your imagination to build the device you want. Completely assembled — no soldering required. Visit our store now.

When the big red button is pressed, the countdown sequence begins, exactly like bombs in Hollywood movies. There are 4 wires across the top of the clock. You have to choose the correct wire to cut before the countdown reaches zero. You have complete control over which wire defuses it and which wire causes immediate detonation. You can even assign a wire to speed up the countdown or to pause it for a few seconds. The Game Timer Pro gives you control of many configuration options, all described in our instruction manual and video tutorials.

The Game Timer Pro can also be controlled by infrared remote control with our optional remote control add-on package. We also have a keypad add-on package that lets your players enter a 4-digit code to defuse it.

Board Features

Fully configurable with an easy to use menu system. Everything is documented in our excellent instruction manual and videos. All configuration changes are also preserved in EEPROM when power is disconnected.

Requires a common 9V DC power adapter with a 2.1mm center-positive plug, or you can power it with 6 AA batteries and our battery holder. All available in the nootropic design store. You can also connect power to the pads marked + and -.

The wires are held with screw terminals so they are easily replaced. If you don’t want to actually cut the wires, you can leave the screws a bit loose and pull the wires out instead.

You can connect a keypad that requires your players to enter a 4 digit code to defuse. Keypad kit is available as an add-on package. If you order the keypad package, we will solder a make header onto the board for you.

The optional remote control add-on package lets you control the Game Timer Pro using an infrared remote. We will solder an infrared sensor to the board for you.

Relay trigger connections for both detonation and defuse sequences, allowing you to activate external relays for easy control of a siren, smoke grenade, or whatever. You can even set the duration of the relay activation in the configuration menu. IMPORTANT: The trigger pins can only deliver 20mA of current, so do NOT try to directly control a device that requires lots of current.

See the instruction manual and videos for all information on how to use the Game Timer Pro.

Do you like coding? The Game Timer Pro is completely hackable. It is powered by an ATmega328 microcontroller with the Arduino bootloader, so you can easily reprogram it to your liking. This requires a USB to serial adapter (available in our store). The software is all open source and available on GitHub.