Synthino XM Polyphonic Synthesizer Now Available for ALL


After a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign, the Synthino XM is finally available to the whole world.
The Synthino XM is by far the most sophisticated device we’ve design here at nootropic design. We had a lot of help from our partner in this project, GetLoFi.
Visit our sister site to order this awesome synth for $139. If you like making music or just noise, you won’t find a synth with this many features for this price.

  • 5-note polyphony for superb playability
  • 12 waveforms, 5 drum samples (kick, snare, hi-hat, tom, clap), and noise generator
  • 12-bit audio at 25KHz output rate
  • 4 MIDI channels, each with separate waveform and ADSR envelope settings
  • MIDI over 5-pin MIDI jack or USB
  • MIDI over USB works with DAW software on Mac, Windows, iOS, Android
  • low pass filter with cutoff frequency and resonance controls
  • 2 independent low frequency oscillators (LFOs): pitch and filter
  • selectable waveform for LFOs
  • 1V p-p audio output voltage with enough current to drive headphones
  • arpeggiator mode, up to 16 notes
  • 4 arpeggiator patterns: up, down, up-down, random
  • 4 built-in arpeggiator chords or use MIDI to specify up to 16 notes
  • arpeggiator pitch transposition control
  • tempo control with MIDI clock input
  • 16-step live performance “groovebox” sequencer
  • save/load patches and sequences in EEPROM
  • pitch fine-tuning adjustment
  • programmable/upgradable over USB

Lots more info at, including audio tracks, videos and more!

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Synthino XM available through our Kickstarter campaign!

I’ve been working so hard on this new product, and it is finally a reality. Pre-order on Kickstarter!

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I’m Featured in the New Book “Maker Pro”!

I’m so happy to be one of the authors of the new book Maker Pro edited by John Baichtal. Maker Pro is a collection of essays by makers who have gone pro by starting their own businesses. Last year John asked me to write an essay about my experiences, and I happily penned a piece called “The Power of Constraints”. In the essay I talk about how I got started making and how the technical limitations and constraints of microcontroller programming were the fuel that fed my fire. It’s a great book, so consider buying it on Amazon. I’m truly honored to be among some great hardware hackers and makers.



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Synthino Arduino-based Synthesizer


The year 2014 has been the year of synthesizer design for nootropic design! After releasing the Audio Hacker Arduino shield last year, I continued to get more interested in audio processing. I started designing audio synthesis software for the Arduino, and by collaborating with my good friend Alex at GetLoFi, eventually came up with a completely standalone version called the Synthino. The Synthino has lots of great features and we think it’s going to be so big it has its own website: A small number area being sold by Foxtone Music on eBay. Sign up on the mailing list to get updates about when more will be available. The next generation Synthino is already in the works and will feature a much more powerful ATxmega microcontroller (stay tuned!).

The coolest thing that happened while developing the Synthino is that the 80’s synth band Information Society got connected with us (long story) and asked us to design a special version of the Synthino for their deluxe box set to be released with their new album _hello world. I worked with lead singer Kurt Harland to choose waveforms that would provide the sound he wanted. We also used colored buttons to match the Information Society logo and created custom laser-cut acrylic with the band logo on the bottom. Over the summer, we manufactured Synthino units at a furious pace in the GetLoFi garage in south Minneapolis. It was a fun project, and Information Society sold out of deluxe box sets immediately.

Image courtesy of Information Society

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