Toolduino 1.1 Includes Uno Board Image

I’ve released a simple update to Toolduino which includes an image of the Arduino Uno board. Now you can right click anywhere in the tool and choose the board image from a menu. If anyone has good images of other boards, please let me know and I can add them!

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Hackvision Preview!

Hackvision video game system

Hackvision is the tiny, hackable, Arduino-based video game system. Available in mid-October with a retail price of under $40 USD.
UPDATE: Hackvision is now available! Learn all the details!


  • NO Arduino is required. Based on Arduino technology so you can write your own games and upload them using the Arduino IDE. All you need is a USB-Serial cable or adapter like this or this.
  • Connects directly to your TV with standard RCA connections. One for audio, one for video. Works with NTSC or PAL (Europe, Africa, Asia, South America) TVs.
  • Integrated button controller right on the PCB.
  • Preloaded with awesome Space Invaders and Pong games. More games coming. You can write them, too.
  • Other controllers supported: Wii nunchuk, SuperNES, or paddle controllers you can make from a potentiometer and button.
  • Software libraries for game development and controller support.
  • High score files stored in EEPROM so they are retained even with power off.
  • All unused pins broken out to pads for your hacking pleasure!
  • Non-conductive adhesive foam pad protects the bottom of the board from your fingers.
  • All through-hole components. Kit can be assembled in 30-60 min. Fully assembled and tested units will also be available.
  • Additional accessories will be available for purchase including 9V adapters, RCA cables, Wii nunchuk breakout boards, paddle controller kits, USB-Serial adapters, etc.

Could this be the perfect gift for the 2010 holiday season? (yes)

Here’s a preview of the Space Invaders game. I let the title sequence run before I started playing:

Distributors may email for distributor pricing.

It's tiny!

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Arduino Breathalyzer: Calibrating the MQ-3 Alcohol Sensor

Difficulty Level = 3 [What’s this?]

The MQ-3 is an alcohol gas sensor that is available for about $5 from Sparkfun, Seeed Studio, and others. It’s easy to use and has sparked the imagination of anyone who has dreamed of building their own breathalyzer device for measuring the amount of alcohol in the human body. I got an MQ-3 sensor a couple of months ago and have spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to do this. After lots of “data gathering”, I found that this task is not as easy as it sounds.

MQ-3 Alcohol Sensor

First of all, don’t try to use the MQ-3 as a way to determine if you are sober enough to drive. If you’ve been drinking, just don’t drive! And if you’ve had a few drinks, don’t do any soldering either.

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Toolduino is an open-source software tool that you use to test your Arduino circuits. Toolduino communicates with your Arduino through a serial connection so that you can manipulate the pin outputs and read the inputs. Go to the Toolduino page to download it and for all the details on how to use it!

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