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Experiment with video on your Arduino

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The Video Experimenter shield is an Arduino shield that lets you do all kinds of experiments with video.

  • Overlay text and graphics onto a video signal from a camera, DVR, DVD player, VCR or any other source of composite video.
  • Capture low-res video image frames for display or video processing. Give your Arduino the gift of sight!
  • Perform object detection for computer vision projects.
  • Decode closed captioning or XDS (extended data services) data embedded in television broadcasts.
  • Works with NTSC (North America) or PAL (rest of the world) television standards.

Soldering required. Arduino board required. Arduino not included. Not compatible with Arduino Mega (here’s why).
If you have a Seeeduino Mega, you can make it work.
See full product details and detailed assembly instructions.
Also look at these awesome Video Experimenter projects!
Also available fully assembled and tested.

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