Donald has been building escape room props in Las Vegas for a while and has been a friend of nootropic design for a couple of years. He’s made many incredible devices using the Game Timer Pro. If you are interested in sophisticated escape room props like these, Donald is your man. You can reach him at ddean9215 [at], or we would be happy to put you in touch with him!

As you can see, Donald has made use of many materials and devices for his props!

Get in touch with Donald and he will show you all his videos of the devices he’s built for his customers throughout the U.S.

Classic sticks of dynamite always get the message across…

These images are only scratching the surface of what Donald can build. Consider hiring him for your custom props. At nootropic design, we concentrate on the electronics and don’t have this level of creativity!

Contact Donald: ddean9215 [at]