Nice buttons and pots for your Arduino

The DJ Shield shield for Arduino give you 5 high-quality buttons and 3 10K linear potentiometers to provide input to your projects. The DJ Shield was designed for use with the Audio Hacker shield but can be used in any Arduino project.

  • 5 tactile buttons, connected to digital pins 2-6
  • 3 10K linear potentiometers connected to analog pins 0,1,2. (shaft is 1/4″)
  • 2 LEDs (one red, one blue) connected to analog pins 4 and 5 (analog pins can also be used as digital pins)
  • 3 ABS plastic knobs for the potentiometers.
  • Easy to assemble kit!
Also available with deluxe aluminum knobs!

Usage Guide



pinMode(2, INPUT);
pinMode(3, INPUT);
pinMode(4, INPUT);
pinMode(5, INPUT);
pinMode(6, INPUT);

digitalWrite(2, HIGH);
digitalWrite(3, HIGH);
digitalWrite(4, HIGH);
digitalWrite(5, HIGH);
digitalWrite(6, HIGH);

pinMode(A4, OUTPUT);
pinMode(A5, OUTPUT);

Button Input

// Read button D2:
boolean d2Pressed = (digitalRead(2) == LOW);

// Read button D5 (red button):
boolean d5Pressed = (digitalRead(5) == LOW);

Potentiometer Input

// Read middle potentiometer:
int a1 = analogRead(A1);


// Turn on left LED
digitalWrite(A4, HIGH);

// Turn off right LED
digitalWrite(A5, LOW);