Our Products

nootropic design, LLC provides innovative electronics for hobbyists, designers, educators and industry. Our goal is to educate people about technology and provide products that are fun!
All available for purchase in the nootropic design store

Game Timer Pro : New, updated version of our Defusable Clock, especially designed to function as a game timer for Airsoft, Escape Rooms, etc.


Lumazoid : Realtime music visualizer board for NeoPixel and other WS2812 LED strips

Audio Hacker : Arduino shield for realtime audio processing

DJ Shield : Nice buttons and pots for your Arduino
Highly recommended for use with the Audio Hacker shield

Defusable Clock : Build a clock that looks seriously dangerous


Video Experimenter : Experiment with video on your Arduino

Hackvision : The tiny, hackable, Arduino-based video game system

Digit Shield : Easily add a four digit 7-segment display to your Arduino

RGB Matrix Backpack : A convenient Arduino based “backpack” board for RGB matrix panels

EZ-Expander Shield : A simple Arduino shield that adds 13 digital output pins to your Arduino