Build a clock that looks seriously dangerous!

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Hacking the Defusable Clock

At nootropic design we make our hardware designs as hackable as possible. The Defusable Clock is based on Arduino technology so that it can be easily reprogrammed using the Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Anyone with beginner level programming skills can modify the behavior of the Defusable Clock.

To program the device, you will need to install the Arduino IDE which you can download from the Arduino web site.

You also need a USB-to-serial adapter board or cable. You can find a Adafruit FTDI Friend USB-to-serial adapter in the nootropic design store, and they are widely available elsewhere. An FTDI cable like this will also work.
Connect the cable or adapter board to the programming header such that the black wire and green wire match the markings on the silkscreen.

Download and compile the Defusable Clock firmware. Install this in your Arduino sketchbook directory. Now you can make changes to the code as you see fit. It is documented reasonably well. This is the firmware developed for the V2 version of the board, but will work with the V1 version as well.

Compile and upload to the Defusable Clock board using the Arduino IDE. In the Arduino Tools->Board menu, choose "Uno" as the board type. If the upload doesn't work, chose "Duemilanove" as the board type. Older kits have the Duemilanove bootloader, and more recent kits have the Uno bootloader. The functionality of the clock is the same, however.