Just when I think I’ve seen the best Game Timer Pro build, someone blows me away (no pun intended). View the full-size image, and feast your eyes! Thanks so much, Michael.

Here is a video of this amazing suitcase build.

And this one really is a masterpiece of metal machining! Some details from Michael: The relay was used to activate a 12V, 7 RPM motor that rotated a double helix coil built inside a 6 spoke cage with a driveshaft to rotate it. Additionally the sound was added with a 10W amplified MP3 trigger that activated an SD card programmed with a custom made sound file built in Audacity. A 12W speaker is mounted underneath to supply the theatrical sound effects. The front control panel was machined out of aluminum sheet and the LCD was mounted behind with the keypad. The unit was encassed with clear lexan on the front and back and aluminum sheet on bottom. An LED light strip was used to illuminate the device upon activation from the 12V circuit. Two key switches, LCD lighting, motor, terminals, and flashing circuit complete the build.