Innovative electronics for hobbyists, designers, educators and industry.
All available for purchase in the nootropic design store.

Game Timer Pro : New, updated version of our Defusable Clock, especially designed to function as a game timer for Airsoft, Escape Rooms, etc.
Lumazoid : Realtime music visualizer board for NeoPixel and other WS2812 LED strips
Audio Hacker : Arduino shield for realtime audio processing
DJ Shield : Nice buttons and pots for your Arduino
Highly recommended for use with the Audio Hacker shield
Defusable Clock : Build a clock that looks seriously dangerous
Video Experimenter : Experiment with video on your Arduino
Digit Shield : Easily add a four digit 7-segment display to your Arduino
Hackvision : The tiny, hackable, Arduino-based video game system
RGB Matrix Backpack : A convenient Arduino based "backpack" board for Adafruit 16x32 and 32x32 RGB LED Matrix Panels
EZ-Expander Shield : A simple Arduino shield that adds 13 digital output pins to your Arduino