Build a clock that looks seriously dangerous! Perfect for Airsoft and Escape Rooms.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you sell the other parts like the fake dynamite?

No. The Defusable Clock only includes the electronics. You build your own fake device to put it on. For example, you can make fake dynamite by covering wood dowels with brown paper. See the gallery for ideas.

Do you sell the Defusable Clock in assembled form?

No, but you may be interested in the Game Timer Pro which is fully assembled.

Do I need to replace the wires every time I cut them to defuse the clock?

No, if you don’t want to constantly replace wires, you can simply pull the wires out of the screw terminals. You need to leave the screws loose enough to pull the wire out, but tight enough to make an electrical connection.

Does it matter how the 4 wires are connected to the clock?

No, as long as the 4 terminal connections on the left side are connected to the 4 terminal connections on the right side, the order does not matter. All the connections on the left side are the same — they are connected to ground.

Can the clock be powered by batteries?

Yes. Six AA, C or D cell batteries can wired in series to provide 9V. C or D cells will provide the longest life (several days). A 9V battery will only last a few hours. The clock draws about 90mA of current.

How accurate is this clock?

It is fairly accurate, but may gain or lose up to a few seconds per day. It is accurate enough to serve as an everyday clock, but is not a precision timepiece.

Can the Defusable Clock be used to build a real explosive device?

The Defusable Clock is no more dangerous than any other clock. Of course, someone with electronics knowledge can build something dangerous, but this kit is not going to enable that more than a regular alarm clock.

Should I make a fake bomb and bring it to school or work to show my friends?

NO, are you crazy? It’s possible to make very authentic looking device, which means it’s possible to scare people and make law enforcement take it seriously. DON’T scare people with such a device, leave it unattended in public, mail it to someone, or take it to the airport.