Gallery of Defusable Clocks and Game Timer Pro Builds

Have you built an awesome Defusable Clock or Game Timer Pro? Send your images/videos to and tell us how you built it!

From Lydon in Spokane, Washington, USA

Lydon submitted this instant classic after researching the actual size of dynamite sticks. He went with PVC pipe that was a bit smaller so that it was more visually appealing. The PVC is filled with potting soil (that’s a new one!) and sealed with hot glue on the ends.

Some metal rods, shrink wrap, and plenty of hot glue have produced a gnarly looking bomb that should scare anyone!

From Ville in Kouvola, Finland

The Finnish alternative metal band KuuΔelta used the Game Timer Pro as a prop in their new video “Dissolve”. This is a great video and I love the song, too! See the Game Timer Pro in action at about 4:30 in the video. Nice job,  KuuΔelta!

From Florian in Münchberg, Germany

This “suitcase nuke” looks awesome! I love the detail of the nuclear device and the Cyrillic script. This sure looks like a nuke that got loose when the Soviet Union collapsed. Florian did a lot of custom 3D printing to make this happen — a fine job, indeed.

From Michael in Margate, Florida, USA

Just when I think I’ve seen the best Game Timer Pro build, someone blows me away (no pun intended). View the full-size image, and feast your eyes! Thanks so much, Michael.

Here is a video of this amazing suitcase build.

And this one really is a masterpiece of metal machining! Some details from Michael: The relay was used to activate a 12V, 7 RPM motor that rotated a double helix coil built inside a 6 spoke cage with a driveshaft to rotate it. Additionally the sound was added with a 10W amplified MP3 trigger that activated an SD card programmed with a custom made sound file built in Audacity. A 12W speaker is mounted underneath to supply the theatrical sound effects. The front control panel was machined out of aluminum sheet and the LCD was mounted behind with the keypad. The unit was encassed with clear lexan on the front and back and aluminum sheet on bottom. An LED light strip was used to illuminate the device upon activation from the 12V circuit. Two key switches, LCD lighting, motor, terminals, and flashing circuit complete the build.

From Beppe in Pavia, Italy

Obviously Beppe knows what he is doing. Look at this Italian craftsmanship! He wanted the noise output to be louder so he connected an amplifier and speaker to the external pads for the audio output.

By connecting jumper wires from the terminal blocks to toggle switches, he made it much easier to use and reset. Great work.

From Valentin from Besné, France

Valentin got a Game Timer Pro to build a prop for his Airsoft club in France. It sounds like everyone is happy with it — great job on this! Notice the microswitch on the right side of the case. This way the countdown can start when the case is opened. Surprise!

From Andrew from Alberta, Canada

Andrew has sent a picture of his new device named “Ultimatum”. That’s a perfect name for this awesome device, and I don’t want to hear the “or else” part of the ultimatum! The tube has green airsoft BBs and is lit by a green and a white led strip. The circuit boards are from old cell phones and laptops, with wires soldered to them. That’s a great use for old electronic waste — thanks for helping the environment, Andrew!

From Chris in Stafford, Texas, USA

Chris, this is a solid build. Great job on the dynamite, and those switches are awesome. The big red button look soooooo inviting…

From Ivars in Valmiera, Latvia

Ivars and his Airsoft buddies in Latvia are having a lot of fun. There is a lot going on in this crazy suitcase bomb. I can hardly tell which end is up.

A window in the side of the case to show the countdown is a nice touch. I don’t think we’ve seen that feature before!