Gallery of Defusable Clocks and Game Timer Pro Builds

Have you built an awesome Defusable Clock or Game Timer Pro? Send your images/videos to and tell us how you built it!

From David in Covington, Louisiana, USA

David built this great device and actually sold it for a pretty penny. Look how old that cell phone is. Great job on the phony explosives, and the labeling looks legit. The case is an old record player case. It looks super durable and unsuspecting. “I’m just hear to spin some records…surprise!”

From Steven in Manila, Philippines

Steven did a nice job for his airsoft friends in the Phillippines. “I just used some cardboard backing to mount the circuit boards and made cutouts to the underlying foam padding to make space for the battery box, relay, extra buzzer, and a separate 9V battery to power the buzzer.”  When the case is closed, the foam padding of the cover presses down enough on the red button such that when you open the case, the timer automatically starts and he made use of the “low power” feature to avoid battery drain when the case is closed.

From Chad in Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA

Chad build his own escape room in his house for his kids and we think he should get the award for Dad of the Year. The dynamite sticks are PVC pipe covered with labels he made with Photoshop.

The blasting caps are real, but not “live”. The big red curly wire adds some character. Nice job for your kids, Chad.

From Donald in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Donald has been building escape room props in Las Vegas for a while and has been a friend of nootropic design for a couple of years. He’s made many incredible devices using the Game Timer Pro. If you are interested in sophisticated escape room props like these, Donald is your man. You can reach him at ddean9215 [at], or we would be happy to put you in touch with him!

As you can see, Donald has made use of many materials and devices for his props!

Get in touch with Donald and he will show you all his videos of the devices he’s built for his customers throughout the U.S.

Classic sticks of dynamite always get the message across…

These images are only scratching the surface of what Donald can build. Consider hiring him for your custom props. At nootropic design, we concentrate on the electronics and don’t have this level of creativity!

Contact Donald: ddean9215 [at]

From Craig in Grantham, England

Craig built a very impressive suitcase bomb that has an entire laptop computer in it. I just love the audio soundtrack of this device. Features include:

  • Flashing lights
  • Laptop for sound and graphics and it connects to the internet
  • Oscilloscope for ‘funky’ wave pattern, connected to a signal generator adjustable and a blue LED
  • various voltage displays including digital and analog
  • Geiger counter to ‘detect’ safety zone
  • toggle switch for fans
  • temperature sensor
  • tube with coloured green LEDs and a fade-away back light
  • the Game Timer Pro with keypad
  • easy release wire release

From Lydon in Spokane, Washington, USA

Lydon submitted this instant classic after researching the actual size of dynamite sticks. He went with PVC pipe that was a bit smaller so that it was more visually appealing. The PVC is filled with potting soil (that’s a new one!) and sealed with hot glue on the ends.

Some metal rods, shrink wrap, and plenty of hot glue have produced a gnarly looking bomb that should scare anyone!

From Ville in Kouvola, Finland

The Finnish alternative metal band KuuΔelta used the Game Timer Pro as a prop in their new video “Dissolve”. This is a great video and I love the song, too! See the Game Timer Pro in action at about 4:30 in the video. Nice job,  KuuΔelta!

From Florian in Münchberg, Germany

This “suitcase nuke” looks awesome! I love the detail of the nuclear device and the Cyrillic script. This sure looks like a nuke that got loose when the Soviet Union collapsed. Florian did a lot of custom 3D printing to make this happen — a fine job, indeed.

From Michael in Margate, Florida, USA

Just when I think I’ve seen the best Game Timer Pro build, someone blows me away (no pun intended). View the full-size image, and feast your eyes! Thanks so much, Michael.

Here is a video of this amazing suitcase build.

And this one really is a masterpiece of metal machining! Some details from Michael: The relay was used to activate a 12V, 7 RPM motor that rotated a double helix coil built inside a 6 spoke cage with a driveshaft to rotate it. Additionally the sound was added with a 10W amplified MP3 trigger that activated an SD card programmed with a custom made sound file built in Audacity. A 12W speaker is mounted underneath to supply the theatrical sound effects. The front control panel was machined out of aluminum sheet and the LCD was mounted behind with the keypad. The unit was encassed with clear lexan on the front and back and aluminum sheet on bottom. An LED light strip was used to illuminate the device upon activation from the 12V circuit. Two key switches, LCD lighting, motor, terminals, and flashing circuit complete the build.