Gallery of Defusable Clocks and Game Timer Pro Builds

Have you built an awesome Defusable Clock or Game Timer Pro? Send your images/videos to and tell us how you built it!

From Andrew from Alberta, Canada

Andrew has sent a picture of his new device named “Ultimatum”. That’s a perfect name for this awesome device, and I don’t want to hear the “or else” part of the ultimatum! The tube has green airsoft BBs and is lit by a green and a white led strip. The circuit boards are from old cell phones and laptops, with wires soldered to them. That’s a great use for old electronic waste — thanks for helping the environment, Andrew!

From Chris in Stafford, Texas, USA

Chris, this is a solid build. Great job on the dynamite, and those switches are awesome. The big red button look soooooo inviting…

From Ivars in Valmiera, Latvia

Ivars and his Airsoft buddies in Latvia are having a lot of fun. There is a lot going on in this crazy suitcase bomb. I can hardly tell which end is up.

A window in the side of the case to show the countdown is a nice touch. I don’t think we’ve seen that feature before!

From “scorched” in Virginia, USA

This project was for CZ Airsoft in Fredericksburg, VA. It’s mainly made from 3/4 inch PVC pipe with end caps. The board is raised on 200mm standoffs and hot glued to a wrap and base of thermoplastic all the way around the pipe to keep it rigid. Around the standoffs is another thermoplastic wrap to form a small battery holder compartment with a velcro front. Nice!

In order to allow many uses without cutting wires, notice that the wires are outfitted with DC-022 power jacks and plugs. That’s a great way to make it reusable.

From Michel in Vlaardingen, Netherlands

This is the most sophisticated suitcase Airsoft bomb prop of them all. There is so much going on here, you need to watch the video below to take it all in. At nootropic design, we are speechless. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner.

The top half of the case has an illuminated scoreboard with some extremely cool lighting animation.

Watch this video to see all the action!

From Kevin in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Once again, a beat up metal case is always a great starting point for a Defusable Clock build. The broken handcuff on the handle is a hint that something is amiss. Airport authorities would definitely consider this to be an “unattended bag”.

Kevin gets the award for curliest wires. Looks great!

Nice details on the ends of the dynamite sticks. This is a well-crafted project, for sure. This is scary as hell.

From Alessandro in Tolmezzo, Italy

This beat-up metal case with radioactive symbols and reflective tape looks great!

The case is full of surprises, of course. Plenty of warning labels and more reflective tape. Nice job Alessandro. Stay out of the airport.

From Nathan in Aurora, Colorado, USA

A traditional look, this device has PVC pipe stuffed with clay and then wrapped in paper. This looks really rugged!

Stay out of trouble, Nathan.

From Andrew in Athens, Georgia, USA

Andrew has an escape room business called “Escape the Space”. He uses the Defusable Clock in the SWAT themed room. There’s a Raspberry Pi, graphics card, and phony dynamite and C4. The game participants have to solve a puzzle to open the locked case. Then…surprise!

From Sander in the Netherlands

Sander built this device for an Airsoft game obviously. Excellent build, Sander.

A glowing biohazard device? We approve.