Gallery of Defusable Clocks and Game Timer Pro Builds

Have you built an awesome Defusable Clock or Game Timer Pro? Send your images/videos to and tell us how you built it!

From Neil in Hoddesdon, UK

Neil with Fenland Airsoft in England made this great MILSIM prop. He added lots of hardware like two key-switches, a motion sensor, and a relay-driven siren that will make your ears bleed. His device has special software that causes the countdown to speed up when the wrong wire is disconnected! For all the details, watch his extremely comprehensive video.

From Rick in Dunbarton, New Hampshire, USA

Rick built a classic C4 plastic explosive device using plasticine clay. Notice the mercury tilt switch from an old thermostat on the top of the device. It is connected to the detonation button, so if you don’t handle this carefully, you will start the countdown sequence automatically! Besides, the mercury switch makes it look cool.

From David in Mountain View, California, USA

David and his 9 year old daughter built this wonderful device from old wine keeper nitrogen tanks and old plumbing supplies. His daughter did all the soldering herself (nice job!). This is definitely one of my favorite contributions, and gets extra points for originality.

From Matt in Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Matt built this great device as a surprise birthday gift for his wife who is a big fan of the TV show NCIS. At the end of a treasure hunt, she had to defuse this device! It is made from PVC pipe wrapped in custom labels printed on red paper. Great job, Matt, and what a thoughtful gift!

From Niklas in Storuman, Sweden

Action Events Sweden created a great prop for their Airsoft events. There are 4 wires that the participants can cut to try to defuse the bomb. The Defusable Clock circuit is expertly installed underneath a panel with the display showing through a cutout.

From Edward and Conrad in Columbia, Missouri, USA

These guys from Regulators AirSoft built this prop to use in an arena in Springfield, MO. I wonder what’s inside this nice looking case…

The canister is made with red transparent .12 gram BB’s with two dozen strip red LED lights used for R/C Airplane night flying. Mock C-4 is made of clay. Power comes from a CPU power supply with a 11.1V Lipo battery. Blasting charges are made from .223 shells. Each switch has a function: power to cooling fan, power to canister, and power to all lights. The light around the power box is from a landing light kit from What a fantastic build!

From Gamepod Combat Zone in Antioch, California, USA

This Airsoft facility (the largest in the world at 120,000 square feet!) uses this device to delight their customers. They added a 13-pin keypad to activate a relay that powers up the “bio weapons canisters”. The even made a second board with a relay that controls a 130 dB siren. Great job!