Gallery of Defusable Clocks and Game Timer Pro Builds

Have you built an awesome Defusable Clock or Game Timer Pro? Send your images/videos to and tell us how you built it!

From Ryan in Auckland, New Zealand

The team at Judd Studio Engineering in New Zealand did a fantastic job with this clock. It’s made from a rake handle and a roll of brown paper. They ruffled up the paper a bit before feeding it into a laser printer.

Now, that is some authentic-looking dynamite. A fine effort, indeed.

From Andy in Platteville, Wisconsin, USA

Simple, but pretty nasty looking. This clock uses two 6V lantern batteries to provide 12V to the clock. A simple 2.1mm DC plug from Radio Shack made it easy to connect the batteries to the clock. Andy plans on using this for paintball scenario games. Don’t get in trouble!

From Daniel in Barcelona, Spain

This is an epic build inside a steel briefcase. A nice cover conceals the internal circuitry. Don’t take this anywhere near an airport!

Inside is a battery holder that has C4 explosive labeling on it. Nice touch.

The device is powered by six C cell batteries wired in series to provide 9V. This bomb is going to be used in an Airsoft bomb scenario, so battery power is important.

From Matt in Blaine, Minnesota, USA

Check out the Defusable Clock bolted to the side of a 50 caliber ammunition case. The liquids inside the jars are simply colored soap solution. Nice work, Matt!