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The nunchuk mini-kit available in the nootropic design store can be added to your Hackvision so that you can connect a Wii nunchuk controller. This is easy!

Step 1

Insert the 4-pin female header into the holes in the PCB marked “NUNCHUK”. Use some tape to hold the header in place so that it is vertical and stable.

Step 2

Turn the board over and solder the 4 joints. Make sure that the header stays as vertical as possible.

Step 3

Hold the male header in a vise or clamp so that you can solder the PCB onto it. Place the Wiichuck PCB on top of the header so you can solder it. The “top” of the PCB should have the fingers marked “clk”, “nc”, and “gnd”.

Step 4

To use a nunchuk with Hackvision, remove power from your Hackvision and insert the male header into the female headaer as shown. Slide the Wii nunchuk onto the PCB as shown with the clear plastic clip down.

Enjoy! The Space Invaders game that comes with Hackvision allows you to use the nunchuk.